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Understanding Information Warfare

Information Warfare (IW) is the future of conflict, lying at an intersection of cognition, trust, and technology. Today's IW practices are particularly detrimental to democratic societies. In America, IW is most prevalent as disinformation - falsehoods developed for dissemination, designed to cause confusion. Targets of successful disinformation often ask themselves "what can I believe anymore?" 

Broader effects of continued disinformation, as part of an IW campaign, can paralyze a society as the means to cooperate erode, and division and dysfunction become norms on a broad range of matters. Strategic thinkers and average persons alike have duties to consider whether the information they consume has been weaponized to achieve these end-states. 

Doctrinal definitions can be found in Join Publication 3-13, but the broader context of IW requires narratives - some offered in the Army Cyber Institute's "Invisible Force."

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Collaboration on The Narrative Campaign Field Guide

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Phaedrus collaboration with JHU Center for Health Security on the need for a national strategy dealing with infodemics


Phaedrus White Paper on
Information Warfare

Atlantic Council Panel discussion:

Future of Trust and Sensemaking

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Army Cyber Institute's Invisible Force with PW Singer

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Atlantic Council Panel discussion:
Countering Bot Swarms, Mass False Accounts, and Deep Fakes

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