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Phaedrus Collaboration with ACI on Technology Forecasting

16 Nov 2021

West Point, NY – Phaedrus Founder Alex Ruiz collaborated with West Point Army Cyber Institute professor Lt Col Natalie Vanatta to produce an article on futures and forecasting for the fall edition of the Cyber Defense Review. The article re-caps the efforts of Project Valence, an OUSD (R&E) outreach project that helped bring the perspectives of futurists, technology forecasters, and science fiction writers to bear for an upcoming S&T Roadmap which looks out to 2045.  

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PRESS RELEASE: Phaedrus LLC Awarded SBA 8(a) Certification

12 Sep 2021

Washington, DC – Phaedrus LLC is proud to announce its acceptance into the United States Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program. Phaedrus is a DC-metro area engineering company with a key presence also in San Antonio, TX. Formed in 2019, Phaedrus provides professional engineering, operations, and acquisitions support across systems lifecycles, including concept development, requirements analysis, architectures, implementation plans, technology transition, and sustainment planning. Phaedrus presents its expertise to clients across the Department of Defense, US Intelligence Community, the academic sector, and private industry, helping them and partners achieve program milestones, develop actionable strategies for their mission needs, and deliberately manage the transition of promising technology into operational capability. 

The announcement caps a year-long venture through SBA's rigorous application process, establishing a nine-year journey for Phaedrus – enabling the firm to compete for set-aside and sole-sourced federal contracts. According to recent statistics from both the SBA and the Congressional Research Service, there were fewer than 6000 8(a) certified firms among the 30+ million US small businesses in 2019. In FY2020, 8(a) firms were awarded $34.0 billion in federal contracts, including $9.3 billion in 8(a) set-aside awards and $11.1 billion in 8(a) sole-source awards. 

“Phaedrus is honored to be selected for this, and I believe it will be an important mechanism for any prospective sponsors who are looking for the unique value we can bring to their mission.” says Alex Ruiz, founder. 

For more information, please visit

By Phaedrus LLC |12 Sep 2021|NewsSBA 8(a)

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