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HOWL enables the visualization of ranges and assets and gives trainers awareness of the resources available to them to overcome multiple challenges in the current training environment.

Hybrid Optimization for Warfighter Lethality (HOWL) represents a cutting-edge integration of systems engineering and data analysis to address the multifaceted training challenges faced by today’s warfighters. These challenges include limited access to the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), threat systems, and geographical constraints for training, all of which impact the realism and efficacy of both live and digital training environments. 


HOWL aims to transcend these obstacles by leveraging advanced data analytics within a federated system approach, facilitating the dynamic integration of physical and digital training resources. This approach allows for the creation of scalable, realistic training events that enhance readiness and operational effectiveness. By employing advanced systems engineering principles, HOWL enables the design of complex training scenarios that incorporate a wide array of training resources, thereby offering a comprehensive solution to the current limitations.

System Architecting

Phaedrus leverages advanced systems architecting to provide a comprehensive visualization of the entire enterprise ecosystem, encompassing people, processes, and technology, and drilling down to the intricate details of ports, protocols, and services, thus enabling informed executive decision-making, strategic alignment, and operational excellence.

What is HOWL?


HOWL is the manifestation of a comprehensive system engineering analysis that explores an integrated design to link DoD training under a common framework. This common framework is one of seven key findings from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (OUSD(P&R))'s 2023 study on Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) Spectrum Sharing Range and Engineering.

Support to Warfighters

  • Routinely train, experiment, and integrate across multi-domain operations

  • Maximizes use of constrained EMS environments

  • Equips warfighters with knowledge to combine existing physical and digital training resources

  • Streamlines training organization and scenario creation

  • Increases readiness through scalable and diverse training events with

  • Provides routine exposure to diverse communities; Large Force Exercise and/or combat no longer first Joint integration opportunity

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