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Phaedrus Logo HD copy.png

We are wolves. Together. Sentient. Lethal.

We answer the call when hard things must be done right.

Our work is not glorified. It is critical. Foundational. Necessary.


We are operators, analysts, and decision-makers, forward deployed to the darkness of problems and conflict with a mindset for execution, independence to act, and confidence underwritten by an expert pack like no other.


We are many and one: problem solvers and bridge builders in pursuit of truth through systems engineering. We break complexity, liberate solutions, and deliver results that change paradigms.


We tear "impossible" to pieces, and create "possible" from the parts  - holding "what" and "why"  close. We are ruthless precision. Relentless improvement. Full-stack excellence spanning matters of humans and machines.


Each a proven, self-sufficient miracle-worker, we now hunt together. We put in hard work to earn yet harder challenges. We bring order to chaos, and make possible, practical. All to accelerate advantage to the place it's needed most: on warfighters' frontlines.

When breakthroughs are needed, call in our wolves.  

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